Imaginary Reality

Sometimes I visualize many scenes in the middle of a dream. So many unknown characters. So many new stories. I hardly remember the whole story after being awake. Very interestingly, I have never been one of the characters in any of the scenes of those particular dreams. It’s not even connected to my personal life anyhow.

Still, it’s nothing like reverie or trance that Coleridge used to experience. That’s why I miss the opportunity of keeping record of the actions that keep occurring. Everything happens while I’m sleeping. The only option is to start writing after the very moment of being awake. Still, some scenes will definitely be deleted. The unity of the plot will be hampered. But, it would be fun to try it once instead of watching the play as an inactive audience while dreaming and sleeping at the same time. Maybe, I can add some thing to the extract of the story left  in my brain. It would be like showing a little unfaithfulness to the original story but that’s what we always do to most of our ideas and plans. We dream of becoming something and then end up being something else. We wish to have someone  who will understand us perfectly, will share same interest and the same level of intellectuality. However, in reality, we pass our life compromising everything with a “Would Have Been Mr./Mrs Perfect”. Maybe those unfulfillments  are the keys to creativity. What we can’t achieve finds expression in our works. For someone, the medium is word, for someone it is brush and colour. No matter what it is, it is all about that unfulfilled desire which forces us to create an alternative imaginary world.

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