Once upon a time the script failed….

Once upon a time, there was a scriptwriter who wanted to write the scripts for her own life. She designed the entire scene in her head and expected everyone to follow that.

Sometimes, she waited for her parents to follow her story line. She expected them to utter the dialogues from her script. Why not? They were carrying the same gene!

To her utter disappointment, she learnt that the generation gap could speak much louder than the dialogues of her script. Even louder than the gene!

She met her love and expected him to follow the script line by line. Why not? He was the most intimate friend after all!

To her greatest sorrow, she realized that gender gap could be much sharper than the knife. The lust in his eye overlooked her soul’s desire; it cut her heart in two!

She met herself. She expected herself to be the most faithful artist. Why not? She was the playwright after all. She will faithfully do her part.

Alas! She realised that narcissistic outlook could be much more confusing than smog. It would never let you know the thin line between reality and fantasy.

Then she moved her eyes to see the world. She looked at the lives around her. She recognized the best scriptwriter of all.

She understood that her life’s script was written by the Almighty.

Then she started living happily ever after with hope and joy- the inseparable partners of life.