Magic Diary (Part 1)

November 14, 2012

Bibhu is no one of this world, but his power of analysis and feelings make me think that he too is a human being of flesh and blood like us. Nothing is needed to say to him, he understands by himself. This morning, when sitting in the dining table I was drinking coffee that he made for me, and then he told a very strange thing.

“Ritu,” putting his coffee mug on the table Bibhu asked me, ” I don’t know why it seems to me that you are getting pleasure by harboring a pain within yourself, isn’t it? ” An air of all- knowing psychologist was seen on his face.

“All these are nonsense. Why should I harbor a pain, why? Am I a poet or a beggar to sell my pain to live on?” His words annoyed me so much that I could not help being a little rude.

“Ah, a brilliant metaphor! But this so direct one, I am sure, will extremely enrage the poets.” Saying this, he burst into great laughter.

His laughter always sounds a little different, and pleasing to mind.

“Leave it, man! No one will mind it if he has a little sense of humor. And if he is a real poet, undoubtedly he won’t mind. However, let’s come to the main point, why do you think that I harbor pain within me?”

“It’s true not only for you, but for many others also. When an accident happens in a man’s life, he tries to ignore it, he cannot accept, and then all his mind and heart cry out together saying ‘no, it can’t be. And it ‘s, in the moment of affliction, the first reaction of every human being.”

” What’s the second reaction?”

“Anger. When a man gets into affliction, he becomes angry with the person who causes it, but if there’s no one to blame straightway, then his anger falls on God. Thus men get satisfaction by putting all blames on the poor Creator”.

I could realize very well that every word of these is true to my nature, though I did not tell it. Trying to show indifference in my tone as far as practicable, I asked,” Is it so, then what happens?”

“Then comes the most difficult moment. ” He said,” That means, the moment of taking decision. Some people decide to forget his pains, and find out various strategies as well to keep themselves away from their pains. But some become adamant and ponder over it day and night, all the time, with reason and without reason. This brings to them a feeling of sweet pain. When mosquito bites and if one presses with finger, he gets a feeling, and this is much of like that. You feel pain, but a little pressure on it gives a pleasure as well”.

This amused me much. “You did never experience mosquito bite, then how could you know this? Is there mosquito in your world?” I asked.

“When I come to your house, mosquitoes then bite me! You never use mosquito-coil”.

“Yes, because it burns my eyes, but do you think that to have that painful-sweet feeling I persistently have borne that mishap in mind?”

“No, your case is a little bit different. You want to forget, and yet you don’t do. I’ll make it clear to you in another day, for you need to get ready to go to your office.”

“Disgusting! The suspense is like the situation of a mega serial drama!”

Bibhu smiled a bit and got out of the room.

(To be continued)

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